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Thinking “outside the box” is always something that should be considered for any person or company that wants to stand out. Having an Instagram profile was once considered one of the great digital marketing strategies, but today much more is needed.

Currently, almost all brands and companies are present on the networks and compete among themselves for the same space. In other words, a well thought out strategy, good planning and a little investment can leverage your internet business.

At first, you might think it’s something complex, but it might be easier than you think. Just be patient, understand what works for each business and define the most efficient strategies.

Therefore, in this article, we have separated some digital marketing strategies that can help you on this journey. Check out.

Inbound Marketing

Talking about digital marketing strategies and not thinking about Inbound Marketing is practically impossible nowadays. All this because this method has been gaining prominence, thanks to the results generated within companies from the most varied segments.

The success of Inbound is due to the fact that in this strategy, the customer is the main focus. Its goal is to gain attention and build relationships with people through the production of content – ​​such as blogposts, e-books, etc.

These materials must add value and help the customer in some way, based on their own needs. To leverage this delivery, it’s important to have the persona and customer journey well defined. Thus, through this exchange of values, connections are created and, in the end, it is the customer who seeks the company.

We are the best SEO specialist in Oak Brook. This means that we are able to deliver the best results in Inbound Marketing for our clients . Our strategy consists of 5 steps: attract the customer, convert him into a lead, create a relationship, sell, and always keep him close. With this, we attract a qualified audience to our customers, increasing conversion opportunities and enabling excellent business results.

The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is another important tool to include in their digital marketing strategies. This technique is linked to a series of optimization actions for websites, blogs and internet pages that will help you to be well positioned on Google. Let’s take an example: search for “Digital Marketing Agency in Recife” on Google. See that Opera appears first in organic searches among thousands of other results.

To achieve this position, several optimizations were made on our website. Thus, Google’s “artificial intelligence” was able to evaluate him positively and choose the best position for him. But what does this imply? It’s simple! The more on top of the results, the more chances you will have to reach your potential customer, generating business opportunity. After all, who follows a search to the bottom of the Google page? Imagine from page 2 below…

A lot of people may not know this concept, but without a doubt they have already gone through the application of this technique at some point in the adopted marketing strategies. The upsell consists of selling a more complete product or service – with a higher price – to customers who would buy the cheapest option. The plan is to increase the company’s revenue and average ticket, offering a more advantageous option.

Let’s go to a very common example: you are in a pharmacy to buy a tube of alcohol in gel, you see a 300ml package that costs R$ 13.00 and decide to take it. However, the pharmacy attendant offers you an option with 500ml that costs R$18.00. You notice that it’s worth spending a little more to buy a product with more yield, right?

Therefore, you end up opting for the most expensive item, but which is more cost-effective. This is how an Upsell works. Increase the final purchase value, generating advantages for both the seller and the buyer.

Social media

Social media are ideal online channels for companies’ digital marketing work . For you to have an idea, a survey by Digital Future Focus United State shows that United State are leaders in the time spent on social media. In other words, it is very important that your brand is present in this virtual environment with good strategies, isn’t it?

With social media you reach your audience in a segmented way and make creative interactions , with stories, comments, etc.

In the past the consumer received advertising on television, radio or newspaper, but now it happens on both sides. With social media in your marketing strategies, your business connects with the customer and stays in the mind of your target audience!

Paid Media and Sponsored Links

Sponsored links and paid media actions are almost a complement to social media. That’s because investing in ad platforms ends up generating faster returns .

Once campaigns are activated, ads increase their chances of converting because they appear when searching for a particular keyword.

In addition, it is possible to have control over the budget, segmentation filters and analysis reports, enabling the adaptation of marketing strategies that have been used, and control that facilitates the generation of qualified customers and sales in less time.

Email Marketing : It is among the old marketing strategies, but it makes more and more sense

To give you an idea, around the world there are around 3 billion existing email accounts. Data from Pew Research show that 92% of adults who use the internet have email accounts and 61% of them use it daily.

Thus, a good email marketing campaign , with a segmented list, classified according to the interest and characteristics of the target audience, can be the perfect initiative to build a relationship and engage customers.

Also, the results of an email campaign are fully measurable. You can identify how many emails were triggered, how many people received, viewed or even clicked on the content.

Remarketing and Retargeting

Last but not least, we find remarketing and retargeting. Both bring many benefits to your business, from engaging customers and increasing the number of conversions, to improving your brand awareness on the internet. However, these strategies are often confused and companies fail to take advantage of the potential results they can offer.

Let’s clarify the difference in a simple way: Imagine a customer who enters your site and adds some items to their cart, but he abandons the purchase before finalizing. After a few hours, he receives an email invitation to close the order. This is a traditional example of remarketing . A strategy that uses emails in order to interact and increase engagement with potential customers.

Now that you know about remarketing, let’s move on to retargeting . It consists of displaying targeted ads to users who at some point interacted with the brand, whether on the website, social networks, search engines, etc.

Imagine yourself again on a website looking for products of interest to you. When performing this action, the website installs a cookie in the browser and the brand is able to collect your browsing data. Thus, it starts displaying advertisements for the product in question frequently, often getting a return to the site and finalizing the purchase.

How to adopt Digital Marketing strategies in my business?

You can’t ignore the reach of the internet and the possibilities it offers for business, can you? After knowing all these strategies, you may have been interested in putting several of them into practice and optimizing your company’s results .

However, don’t forget to consider that not all solutions will be appropriate for your business and that it is very important that they are applied correctly with a lot of planning.

Therefore, it is essential to go deeper into the subjects, looking for online courses, professionals in the area and even investing in a digital marketing agency.

If you’re still not sure where to start to get your brand noticed in the digital environment, get in touch with us and we’ll generate results – together!

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