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If you own a craft business and you still don’t know how to move with digital communication, here are some tips to make you known quickly and effectively thanks to digital marketing tools

Whether you are in the hands of a large company or managing a small artisan business , digital marketing is certainly a winning asset: learning to master the rules can help you sell your products online profitably. A good web marketing strategy for artisans can be incredibly useful, both in the initial set-up phases of the business, and to make it prosper and grow, taking advantage of the high scalability of the e-commerce world.

When you want to transfer a craft activity on the web or create a networked sales business from scratch , there are some crucial points to consider: first of all, you need to establish a widespread and optimized online presence, select the most suitable sales channels for your own. creations, create a brand with a unique personality and use the power of social media to make it known. The active online promotion is another card to play, to reach a wide audience and aim for more ambitious goals.

First step: create an e-commerce or online store

The creation of a professional responsive site with attention to detail from which it is possible for customers to make purchases through a shopping area, is one of the first steps on which to focus. Having your own e-store allows great advantages in terms of profitability: selling directly, without paying commissions to third party marketplaces, in fact allows you to generate interesting revenues. However, it is complex at least at the beginning to bring traffic to your site and make your way online until you make yourself known and recognized on the net. Furthermore, when choosing to sell your handmade products online without relying on external marketplaces, you must also consider that you will have full responsibility for shipping and payment methods.aspects of not very easy management.

An alternative way to market your handmade creations on the web is to create a store within an already existing and consolidated marketplace. The name Amazon certainly resonates familiar to most, but eBay or Etsy are also excellent solutions that allow you to enjoy the high exposure of these portals, their reputation and their huge audience. Among the disadvantages in this case are both the fierce competition to which you expose yourself and the lack of full control over your online store.

A third way to promote handmade creations online is to publish them on the most popular classifieds sites such as Kijiji, Vivastreet,Olx is an economic solution, but often useful to start placing the first sales on the net and get bones in the world of e-commerce.

Be easily found

To be sure that potential customers find the online craft shop when they surf the web in search of products to buy or simple inspiration it is necessary to position their business as soon as possible in all the places where it can be searched and found.

Signing up for programs such as Google My Business is a must to make all relevant information about your business public, such as name, online or offline location, and main contacts, on Google and Google Maps . Even better, opt directly for subscription to local directories such as the Yellow Pages one, which allows you to be present on search engines, online browsers, sharing platforms and maps in a single instant.

Fundamentals for positioning: personal branding and storytelling

All craft activities are characterized by values ​​such as professionalism and authenticity, but each has its own story to tell . Furthermore, manual labor is often passed down from generation to generation, making each business unique. Identifying what are the characteristics that make a brand a unique and unrepeatable entity is essential to give shape to a brand identity distinguishable in the crowd of competitors and immediately recognizable, also through the analysis of the competition . Playing on a targeted personal branding for artisans and on brand management is an excellent idea to emerge, as well as that of telling about oneself through a well-studied company storytelling.

To achieve a web marketing strategy for craftsmanship optimized in this sense, it is important to be able to count on valuable content. Presenting the craft activity through professional photos or high quality videos can make the difference, just as textual content can be placed on the site, on marketplaces, on the company blog or on social networks that manage to interest, excite and bring the public closer target your brand. Exclusive and well-kept content are the key to a winning content strategy.

Social Network and advertising

A solid online presence is also achieved through the wise use of social media. Depending on the type of product to be presented to the audience on the web, you can go to more image-oriented social networks such as Instagram or Pinterest, or to those dedicated to video content, such as Youtube. In any case, a properly structured post programming and a good interaction with users are able to bring surprising results in terms of awareness and conversions.

Furthermore, for artisans, social networks are also an excellent advertising platform: just think of Facebook Ads and its potential in terms of profiling the target audience , or the power of an advertisement positioned via Google Ads on a Youtube channel similar to the business. Do not underestimate the prospects offered by influencer marketing in the propagation of a message, especially when the product offered is original, customizable, authentic and the result of pure artisan passion: if you select the right influencer, the appeal on its audience follower is assured.

Make customers talk

Maniacally taking care of what is said online about the business and its artisan products is essential: satisfied customers must be encouraged to produce reviews on Google and other spontaneous platforms and content, since they are able to generate a sounding board that is difficult to obtain otherwise, enriched by a very high level of credibility.

Open up to new markets

One of the most intriguing aspects of the web is that of having no borders. If a craft activity was previously bound by geographic or local promotion limits , today it is increasingly easy to expand one’s horizons towards different markets : new cities, regions or even new countries. Once it has established its presence on a given market, nothing prevents replicating success even in new territories, obviously adapting language and company structure accordingly, and also focusing on all the charm that Made in India still exercises abroad today.

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